woensdag 7 januari 2015

Andrzej Panufnik - Symphonic Works Vol. 3

In memory of the victims of the attack at Charlie Hebdo
(and all other terrorist attacks)
Let all sane people unite against the insane.

Andrzej Panufnik - Symphonic Works Vol. 3

Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers + Booklet | 351 Mb
Label:CPO -





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7 opmerkingen:

  1. Well said. May the cowards find justice very soon.

  2. Yeah, I think Islam is a vile ideology that is incompatible with liberties and freedom in the Western world, at least. Not that other religions much better, but still ...


  3. Many thanks and regards from The Netherlands.
    Veel dank en groeten uit Nederland.

  4. meurglys0, you are a naive idiot, at best. Majority of Muslims in Muslim countries would like to impose Sharia laws on non-Muslims in their own countries (according to Wikipedia). That IS discriminating, and that would be a threat to liberties of non-Muslims (infidels), and that is happening now in countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc. - Christian and others are severely discriminated, persecuted, killed, their churches destroyed, they have to flee their lands...

    Muslim ideology in in most pure form - Sharia laws, for example, takes us back to rigid ignorant societies of Arabian peninsular.


  5. To all out there discussing. I do not intend to condemn any religion as the cause of violence, allthough I myself am an atheist. What I do condemn is the stupidity of some people trying to force there opinion or there interpretation of a religion on others with brute violence instead of arguments. I am strongly convinced that most people are sain and that we should not let ourselves be divided by the insainity of a few. Allthough it was not Voltaire, but his biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote it down, it still stands: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

  6. Groups like these calling themselves muslims can be compared to the Baader/Meinhoff Gruppe back in the 70ties calling themselves leftists. The social-democratic parties - and a large part of the general public indeed - in Europe were also left orientated in those days, but found better ways to change society. So no, I don't think there's a war going on between religions. In Europe, there are just cells of frustrated youngsters who are more prone to violence than the majority, and who adopt the emblems of what seems to be the most fear-inspiring phenomenon at present - 'religiously' inspired terrorism - in order to make an impact on the public.
    Don't forget there are ca. 5 to 6 million muslims in France; only a couple of thousands of youngsters or so have joined the ranks of Isis or Al Qaeda. That's about than 0,05%.

    Further, as with the Rote Armee Fraktion back in the seventies, it is proven again today that it's not much use trying to fight a well-organized Western state from within. Perpetrators will be run over in a short period of time, and their senseless outburst of violence will change nothing, really.

  7. To astarte.
    The leftist part of SPD and the green movement used the Rote Armee Fraktion nevertheless (in spite of all shown off distance and with sparsely hidden "klammheimlicher" sympathy) as a means to change the median opinion. Fools sacrificed for the big aim. Seems to be a parallel with habit of the islamic mainstream. Sharia sucks - misused alienation sucks.